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Hi, I'm Stephanie


About Me

Stephanie is passionate about giving back to the community and setting an example of service for her daughter to follow. Her familiy loves spending time visiting Mill Creek's abundant parks and walking on our connected trails. Stephanie is active in the Everett School District where her daughter is a student and enjoys leading her Girl Scout troop. In her free time she is an avid reader and loves running and hiking. 


Stephanie has over 13 years of corporate-owned and third-party property management experience. She specialized in managing commercial office buildings, multi-family residential, and owner associations (including residential, office and mixed-use developments). Stephanie was directly responsible for developing and implementing annual operating budgets totaling several million dollars, capital reserve studies and estimations, lease and covenant enforcement, energy efficiency studies, routine maintenance and repairs, project management and construction services (e.g. elevator modernizations, private sewer system maintenance and replacement, tenant upfits, insurance claims negotiation, crisis management, roofing, HVAC, fire and life-safety, historic building rehabilitations regulated by the Historic Resources Commission, etc.).

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